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Archmage is a strategy board game where you build and lead an order of mages towards your epic destiny of becoming Archmage, a wizard that weaves all six spheres of magic into one.

You begin the game as a fledgling mage exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape, deploying loyal followers from your company to gather lost relics from various ruined locations. These magical relics can be traded to six mythic races to gain a fundamental knowledge of their magic. Once these basic spells are learned, you may then combine them into higher forms of magic and continue to grow your order, casting powerful spells to further your plan to become Archmage.

The game is a hybrid of euro-style and thematic board games, featuring exploration, resource gathering and management, area/map control, and a spell system where players shape a tableau of player powers over the course of the game. Intrigued? Read on...








This section has a number of ways you can learn more about the gameplay of Archmage. A series of animations highlighting parts of the gameplay, detailed how-to-play videos by the designer, and a download of the rulebook. When you're ready, you can even follow the link to Tabletopia and try out the game with your friends.







 Read draft of the solo-player rules now added to the rule book.

Detailed "How to Play" Video Series

Play on Tabletopia


At the heart of the land, the Mage tower once stood at the center of a great and prosperous city. The mages brought together and enhanced the magical power of six spheres of magic - magics first wielded by six mythic and now endangered races. The Order of Mages was created and led by one figure, the Archmage, who was the embodiment of all the spheres of magic and the land's rightful ruler. 

But, then came “The Ending” - a massive magical disaster emanating from the tower that destroyed much of the city and drove the people in the surrounding lands. The tower remains, but over time has degenerated into its current state - a cursed and avoided ruin at the center of a crumbling city. 

Small enclaves of the mythic races loyal to the mages lived on in the ruined districts of the city. These mythic peoples preserved a shadow of their innate magic, but the magic of the mages (born of combining the six spheres) was seemingly lost, and the lands fell ever deeper and deeper into a dark age. 

But now, a spark of hope. 

Descendants of the ancient mages, stripped of their magical power, had taken shelter in ramshackle camps - for the townsfolk tended to shun mages and their kin after the fall. And within these camps a few magically talented individuals have now arisen and gathered around them bands of loyal followers. Only days ago, they were drawn across the wilds to the ruined city and made contact with the remnants of the mythic races, bringing with them sacred relics secreted away from the days of the Mages. Whispers among the races hint that the newcomers have been drawn to the city by an imminent conjunction of planets, an event spoken of in a prophecy made shortly after The Ending, a prophecy that is once again spreading across the land.  

"There are six in the heavens that orbit the sun. When the six do align, a new age is begun. For all that is ruined can yet be undone. An Archmage will rise, and join six into one."

Archmage has been in development for over three years, with extensive revisions, iterations and playtesting. Since being signed by Game Salute the game has gone through an intense period of development, and further playtesting. If you'd like to participate in the final stages of this process, please do head to Tabletopia, have a game, and let us know your opinions, you can never get too much play testing!

Playtesting at Protospiel 2015
Playtesting at Protospiel 2015

"I have been blessed to play Archmage several dozen times and it definitely ranks highly on the list of games I love to play. The designer, Tim Heerema, has been able to craft a game with a deceptively easy to learn rule set within an engaging theme. The modular tile based playing surface offers an abundance of replayability, but once you couple that with the card driven spell mechanic, no two game plays will ever truly be the same. However, the true genius of the game (for me) emerges in the actual playing of Archmage. As a lover of heavy cardboard, the depth of strategy and wealth of meaningful decision points during a single game of Archmage is simply fantastic. It has me drooling to play again and again and again." - Cory Bezeau, Play tester

In-progress prototype of the map
In-progress prototype of the map

After the game was signed by Game Salute, the game was imported into Tabletopia, a digital tabletop game platform, where testing and development continued. 

In-progress digital prototype
In-progress digital prototype

"From the beginning, Archmage’s gameplay for me has been refined into thematic spell-bounding brilliance. Using the revolving spell book offers enough strategy to work towards different and entertaining spell combinations. I like that the scoring is tight, and there are different paths to victory. A privilege to playtest and see through to its fruition." – Phil Taylor, Play tester

The theme and graphics for the game were developed in tandem with the game play.
The theme and graphics for the game were developed in tandem with the game play.

All the design, and almost all the art has been completed for the game, with the remaining spell card art expected to be finished within a month of the completion of this campaign. After that we'll be engaging with our printer and keeping you updated about our progress until the game ships.


Production Management, Rulebook Graphic Design: Cody Jones

3D Modelling and Animation: Greg May

Kickstarter Campaign Management: Chris McMullen

Playtesters: Cory Bezeau, Jen Heerema, Ben Heerema, Phil Taylor, Paul Hill, Meredith Winger, Tyler Ruetz, Jeff Willman, Micah Boughan, Druv Ambati, Marcus Sawatski, Jeremy Toman, Jason MacDougall, Andrew Scholl, Matt Chittick, Katrian Tyler, Dan Jolly, Josh Bricker, Francois Valentyne, Alex Wynnter, Daniel Cicero, Chris McMullen, Michael Fox, Mandy Paziuk, the folks at Protospiel Ann Arbour 2014 and 2015, the crew at the Giddy Goblin, and many others who gave the game a play during development!


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Archmage - Standard

One copy of the standard version of Archmage, which will be available broadly following the campaign.

$55USD + Shipping

Archmage Collector's Edition

One copy of the Collector's Edition of Archmage which will be a direct-only item and not available broadly following the campaign.

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