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  • A board game for 1-4 players, only 20 minutes per player
  • A detailed world realized through stunning artwork
  • Streamlined worker placement
  • Rewarding tableau-building with over 45 unique card types
  • Clever "Season" mechanism for gaining new workers
  • Simple to learn gameplay with satisfying depth
  • Unique resources: twigs, resin, pebbles, and berries
  • Eye-catching table presence: round board and three-dimensional tree that houses the 128-card deck (tall enough for sleeved cards)
  • Variable setup--each game is unique







Thank you to Undead Viking for this detailed overview
Thank you to Undead Viking for this detailed overview

 "I really, really, really liked Everdell!" - UndeadViking

 Playthrough Video




 Kickstarter Live with James Wilson, Designer of Everdell (click here)



Gameplay and Rules

Everdell was a five-year design process driven by the goal of combining two different genres (worker placement and tableau-building) into a streamlined experience that was easy to learn and teach, but also deep and rewarding. Some of the great titles that inspired the design were Stone Age, Agricola, 7 Wonders, and Race for the Galaxy.

In summary, gameplay for Everdell is as follows: On your turn, you may either place a worker or play a card.

Placing a worker allows you to gather resources to play cards, draw more cards into your hand, or other various actions which will benefit you in different ways.

By playing cards, you are building your own city which will consist of Critters and Constructions. Constructions are played by paying the raw resources, and Critters are played by paying berries--or a Critter can be played for free if you have their corresponding Construction already in your city.

View from the Ever Tree
View from the Ever Tree

There are five different factions of cards in the game:

  • Green Production activates immediately when played and once during season production.
  • Maroon Destination serves as a placement location for workers.
  • Blue Governance give you rewards after playing certain card types, or offer unique ways to bend the rules.
  • Grey Traveler activate once immediately when played.
  • Purple Prosperity give bonus end game points based on other cards in your city.

Players are limited to 15 cards in their city. The rewarding challenge of the game is to optimize on your opportunities to build a strong engine of cards and combos that will serve you well, not only to produce resources, but ultimately to reach the most points before the end of the game.

The deck weighs in at 128 cards, featuring 48 unique card types (28 Constructions and 28 Critters), all of which work in different and interesting ways to offer tactical and strategic forms of play. The game is designed with high replayability in mind, while still offering enough straightforward decisions to be easily accessible. 

Every game of Everdell also features eight Events which all players will be competing to achieve. Four of these Events are standard for every game, but the other four are random from a total of 16 unique Events. These powerful rewards are thematically designed and help to give players a focused goal, albeit a goal that others are working toward as well.

Players have their own hand of cards that grows and changes as the game progresses, but there are also eight face-up cards available to choose from at all times as well. These face-up cards are open to every player, working as an open draft of sorts.

Timely placement of your workers, smart utilization of card abilities and combos, and achieving Events before your opponents will ensure that the sun shines brightest on your own unique corner of Everdell.

Read the rules here (currently using placeholder prototype artwork and component images).

The Art of Everdell

Andrew Bosley is Everdell's amazing artist! Andrew is currently working on all the art for the game, and will be completed shortly after the campaign ends. When all the art is done, the game is going to look MAGICAL!

And here is a teaser of some of the Critters being worked on...

and the Constructions. With more final art to be revealed during the campaign!


Share your support of Everdell by using one of these special Everdell Critter avatars.




Designer Credits

Game Design: James A. Wilson
Art: Andrew Bosley
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Dann May
Game and Creative Development: Dann May, Brenna Noonan, James A. Wilson
Additional Graphics and Development: Cody Jones
Kickstarter and Social Media: Brenna Noonan
Executive Production: Dan Yarrington
Published by: Starling Games

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Available Rewards:

$65USD + Shipping

Everdell — Collector's Edition

One copy of Everdell — Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition of Everdell includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus the 10 card Legends expansion, wooden Occupied tokens, metal point tokens, upgraded D8, Rugwort meeples, and 15 "Extra! Extra!" cards.


  • Everdell — Collector's Edition
$49USD + Shipping

Everdell — Standard Edition

One copy of Everdell — Standard Edition


  • Everdell — Standard Edition

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